The school´s history is integrally linked to the history of its founder, Sara Hughes and the maternal influence that was incorporated in her education.  Sara´s mother, Connie Hughes, a dedicated teacher and learner spent her professional life developing the potential of young children.  She was awarded Who´s Who of American Teachers for 5 consecutive years, a recognition which helps to show the importance a teacher can make in the life of a child.
Sara was surrounded by education and grew up with different educational opportunities, including studying and working in other countries.  She was born in California and grew up in Palo Alto and Louisville, Kentucky.  She earned a degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) in Business Economics and emphasized her studies in International Relations, as well as, an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. Sara lived in England, Colombia, Costa Rica and Spain prior to moving to Brazil.

In Brazil she was a manager and later Director of Planning and Control in an industrial privately-held company.  She was fortunate to be a part of an enormous transformation in the company and among her responsibilities was human development.  Through the search to prepare people to create a modern, innovative and collaborative environment capable of achieving sucess in an industrially competitive and changing world, the need for a better and different education became apparent.   This journey led to a love for education and a new quest.

It became evident that regardless of academic success or opportunities there was a need to improve creativity, curiosity, risk taking and the ability to synthesize and perceive new visions.  It became clear that the way children were being taught was not preparing them for the necessities of the modern global world.

The will to find a different way to educate started a new quest and desire to make a better place to prepare people.  After years of study, visits, research and with the support of colleagues including EdS. Connie Hughes the pedagogy was decided.  The objective was to motivate children into lifelong learners and teachers, through a hands-on and inquiry based approach in an interdisciplinary curriculum.

It was decided that the city of Bauru, in the center of the state of San Paulo, Brazil, would be the home for the school.  Sara and her husband, Carlos, had lived in the city since 1997 and preferred to develop the city and the surrounding regions.

In 2003 the land was purchased and by the end of 2005 the architectural and engineering plans were complete.  The courage to turn a dream into a reality came when a household employee said, “If you want to do it, know how to do it, and have the means to do it,  who else could have the courage or will?”  That was the final push to put plans into action in 2007.  During 2008 the building was completed, documentation was finalized, teachers began training and enrollment iniciated. In February of 2009, FourC opened the doors to students.

The history of FourC intertwines with the history of the people that dreamed of this possibility of a transforming education that prepares people to be lifelong learners and teachers.