High School

Conquer the world without leaving Bauru. It is possible here at FourC.

It is important to study English and this is not new. The world speaks English. However, how to acquire a certificate that validates the level of language proficiency and that is recognized and valued worldwide? How to open the possibilities of a Brazilian student for their globalized, competitive and demanding world?

FourC Bilingual Academy is the first school in Bauru, authorized by a U.S. university, to offer its students in Brazil, the Official High School Program. The partnership is with University of Missouri, one of the top 100 US universities and is also among the 40 best in the country at the College of Education.

Founded in 1839, the University of Missouri (also known as MU or Mizzou) is among the top 100 US universities and serves more than 35,000 students in 280 undergraduate, 84 master’s programs and 66 doctoral. Among the 4,726 existing institutions, Mizzou is among the 62 members of the Association of American Universities (AAU) with institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, NYU, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, UC Berkeley, UCLA and CalTech.

The High School Program

The High School disciplines are offered exclusively when they are not part of the Brazilian curriculum, for example, Public Speech, English Literature, Economics, Health, US History, Government and, in partnership, when they coincide with the Brazilian curriculum, such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

The Mizzou High School Program at FourC, begins in the 9th grade, so that the American curriculum disciplines are completed by the 2nd year of high school. Thus, students can engage fully in 3rd year, preparing for the entrance exams.

Ratification of Disciplines

The disciplines in the Brazilian curriculum that correspond to the American curriculum( Chemistry, Mathematics , Biology , Physics etc. . ) are validated by the University of Missouri , so it is not necessary for the student to retake them in English.

Foreign teachers of English Mother Tongue

Exclusive disciplines of the High School Program at FourC are taught by native English-speaking teachers and all communication (READING – LISTENING – SPEAKING – WRITING) between students and teachers are always in English.

Graduation Plan for students who will start the High School Program:

  • English Literature 9A / 9B
  • English Literature 10A / 10B
  • Writing for Critical Thinking
  • Debate
  • Public Speaking 1 / 2
  • Economics
  • Preparation for the University
  • Career Planning
  • Health
  • American History 1 / 2
  • US Government
  • Marketing for the Twenty-first Century 

Maximum 25 students per Class

Comfortable and well-equipped classrooms with the entire infrastructure to provide a studying and learning environment.

Two Official Certifications

At the end of Brazilian bilingual high school and the High School Program, the student graduates simultaneously at FOURC Bilingual Academy and University of Missouri High School. Therefore, he/she receives two official certifications: one with the recognition of the Brazilian government and the other recognized by the U.S. government and accepted in American universities, including those based in Europe and other continents.

This international diploma validates the studies and allows the student to have a school record leveled with the best international schools. Access to international colleges and future jobs is facilitated with this quality assurance validation.

Public Speaking

The student focuses on the structure and thought necessary to talk, argue, discuss, justify and defend his/her ideas in English before an audience.

Rhetorical analysis of speeches

Speeches of famous speakers like Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, Lincoln and Roosevelt are studied to learn the strategies of rhetoric and argumentation and the ability to write his/her own speech.

Writing in English

Students produce numerous essays in English acquiring and practicing writing techniques for the development of well-argued and persuasive texts and developing refined vocabulary and academic English.

Principles of Economics

Students get acquainted with the knowledge related to business types, behavior of supply and demand , price composition , fiscal and monetary policies , financial system , the role of government and other topics of the economic outlook , important for the integral education of the student .

From 9th grade, students can develop a daily and contextualized experience in English with foreign teachers of English language.

More than a degree, a passport to the best universities and global workplace environment in the world!


For registration, approval is required in the International Test or Toefl taken by the student who will attend 9th grade.

For more information – ( 14 ) 3878-9600 .