The mission of FourC Bilingual Academy is to educate citizens to be lifelong learners and teachers.
Education is the awakening of man´s possibility to commit to others and the consciousness to reflect on his direct or indirect impact on his community and surroundings.  FourC chooses this wide definition of a transformative education sustained by four fundamental pillars:  critical thinking, collaboration, culture and citizenship.

Critical Thinking – Pensamento Crítico
To develop critical thinking it is necessary to construct prior knowledge and the ability to synthesize, apply and have the disposition to use knowledge in new circumstances.  Learn to think about your direct connection with the world and your surroundings with a commitment to see the reality and the possibility of its transformation.  The development of critical thinking through an environment full of discussion, debate, the active search for different points of view, decision making, and the permission to question reality and the perception of reality is the key to transform information into knowledge.

Collaboration – Colaboração
To collaborate implies that one has an openness towards others, respect, responsibility, interaction, divergence and consensus.  Collaboration goes beyond the individual and highlights the need for others and our own lack of self-sufficiency.  The school focuses on reaching for one´s own personal best in an enviornment with integrated groups that assist in  generating more ideas and perspectives.  The collaborative effort leads to a deeper understanding and comprehension.

Knowledge that is shared through collaborative means advances the learning process.  Educators already recognize multiple intelligences, personal traits and learning styles and to value these differences results in higher self confidence that promotes new perspectives and a more capable and prepared student.

Culture – Cultura
FourC understands culture in the anthropologic-sociologic sense to encompass the behavior of members in a society.  Culture is more than the historic evolution of values, beliefs and customs, but the interaction and learning that can be shared through experiences.  Culture includes the expression and understanding through the arts, while enriching perspectives and empathetic understanding.
The acquisition of a new language assists in opening minds to a new and diverse world full of information and experiences otherwise not accessed.  FourC believes that access to information and experience is not unilateral, but facilitates the construction of new ideas through the collaborative experiences between cultures and people.

Citizenship – Cidadania
The school views citizenship as a commitment to develop the full potential of one´s community.  This  understanding signifies that one is an active, conscious and responsible agent for the guarantee of rights, obligations, equalities and respect in our immediate society.  The perception of a larger global responsibility is essential for being globally minded.