A student at FourC finds more than just a spacious environment for learning. The design of the building was planned to be integrated with learning and each space stimulates learning and creativity.

The campus includes:

• several science labs and technology centers;

• room Three R’s: Read, Research and Relax;

• rooms specialized for art, music and student union;

• covered and uncovered courts;

• unique furniture and materials for interactive learning;

• spacious classrooms to facilitate group activities and educational projects;

• outside classroom areas for Pre-K;

• three outside amphitheaters for presentations;

• modern industrial kitchen;

• theater with equipment and space for presentations;

• covered drop-off entrance and underground garage.

The conception of the builiding included sustainable and “Green” elements:

• natural lighting;

• thermic and acustic roof top;

• wide outside hallways for natual ventilation;

• cross ventilation in classrooms;

• rooftop rain collection and reuse of grey water for toilets;

• controlled water consumption for faucets and toilets;

• solar panels for heated water;

• green areas, gardens and orchards.

Located on Av. Affonso José Aiello, 12-50, a FourC neighbors gated communities and perserved native forests.